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Whether the brand is a small or big, however, they always have LOGO to represent the company in the whole world. But is there are few meanings behind these logos? Some companies never focused on logos but on the other hand LOGO is the most important part for any association or company. Today we will discuss and will disclose some the hidden meaning behind many big brands of the world.
Here’s the list of secret behind logo.
A world class automobile company used to produce thousands of car for various countries customer, but the logo of Hyundai seems very easy to understand that initial letter “H” is on the logo but the secret meaning is that two people are shaking hand with one another represents client & company and many other collaborations with company.
One of the world’s famous brand also known as the face of excellence in technology, but at the time, while designing the logo the designer created many sketch to mold the apple in best way but coincidentally he took a bite from the apple and then created the LOGO, and that bite is portrayed as BYTE in computer language. Creative is it?
Best known for its delicious ice creams but the secret behind is the red part in the logo denotes the best 31 flavors they offer to their customer. Hope you have tried them all.
4) F1
The world’s fastest sport is F1. But the logo comprises many things like the hidden 1 between the F and the red portion. Apart from that RED flying portion, it denotes the graphical high speed.
Coincidentally the space between the O & L shows a small Danish flag (Denmark). Back in time one of the biggest campaigns done in the company with this logo.
In simple words the logo consist of the whole spelling in the LOGO.
The logo of this company is best portrayed it’s soul which is music & it seems like someone is wearing a headphones on head.
8) LG
It’s only the L and G in the logo but the cute relationship with all the consumers of their product.
The most famous app and platform to get amazing photos from all around the world “PINTEREST”. The Pin is the main logo of that company, if we trace out the “P” it comes out as the pin portraying the P.
Hope you also got amazed after knowing the meaning behind the famous LOGO. In the end I would like to conclude that there is much more what you actually see in the real.
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Author- Adnan Alam
Image Credit – Vikas Kakkar
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