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Beach rules ~ Anonymous person"Come out of your shell,Avoid peer pressure,Be shore of yourself,Don’t get tide down, Go ahead and make waves,Let your trouble drift away,Seas the moment,Roll with the tide."
Here are the list of Beaches you should visit before you DIE
Black Sand Beach – Iceland
Black Sand beach in Iceland is named after its color which is concentrated with magnetic properties. The particles are heavy and glossy which soothes under your feet. People across the world visit Iceland not only due to its astonishing view but also for its ironic property present in the sand. It nourishes your body and increases the metabolic rate. The blend of white ice and black sand makes it a perfect place to visit.
Glass Beach – California, United States of America
You’ll be surprised to know how it was formed; for over 6 decades everything was dumped into California ocean, like any other city near water. Mother nature turned these mess into mesmerizing colorful glass. When you visit this beach the rainbow beneath, will leave you breathless. Don’t forget to click pictures and leave behind a glass for others to discover.
Pink Beach – Indonesia
Pink beach in Indonesia portrays beauty of nature one can feel romance and it is the best shore for couples. In local language it is known as red beach. The soft pink color is due to the microscopic animals called foraminifera that produces red pigment on coral reefs. This red pigment combines with tiny particles of white sand resulting in pink color.
Papakolea Beach – Hawaii
Papakolea beach in Hawaii is widely known as green sand beach. The sand constitutes of olivine crystals from lava rock discovered 49000 years ago. The glimpse of this nature piece, in November, is one the best idea to devote.
Shell Beach – Australia
Shell beach of Australia will fill your pockets and memories with different shape shells. The serene beauty and exotic sky will turn your heads on.
Bioluminescent Phytoplankton Beach – Maldives
The sparkling ocean in midnight with the moon kissing the sky, is a perfect place for honeymoon couples. The beautiful water appears as fireflies in it. But, to your surprise, these are algae found in that area due to its climatic conditions.
The Moeraki Boulders - New Zealand
The boulders stretch through the beach of New Zealand, are clusters of boulders. You will be surprise to know that these are stretched in a parallel line. The boulders are the most enthralling and popular fascination of South Island.
Karaikal Beach – India
The beach Karaikal in India is one of the picturesque beach. The virgin oceanfront serves as the side of the two kilometer stretch, that is route by the side of the Arasralar stream. The beach is all one wants to savor.
Jokulsarlon – Iceland
People prefer to call it as Diamond beach because of the crystals like iceberg shines like diamonds. The surreal place will throw in amazement. Surrounded by iceberg of different shapes, size and blending colors of opaque white ice, deep blue or black contrasts with the crystal clear water waves and the scattered black sand along the shore makes it eye catching and inimitable beach.
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