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Hairs are like a crown which one wear in every situation. Hair styles matter a lot in bringing the charm on the face of any person. A normal person learns the styling sense with none another than our very own favorite celebs. Celebs sometimes do very normal hairstyle but still, they look perfect and hot in those hairs. With some examples and explanation let just know about some of the easy and trendy hairstyles for us.
Some celebs and their trendy Hairstyle:
David Beckham – Side Part Undercut
How To Make It – Main hair should be left long (about 3 inches or the length of a middle finger) and sides and back have to be short (A number 2 on the hair-trimming machine or number 1 in case you want to go a bit shorter). Set first with a comb and then apply hair gel or spray to settle them in a proper manner.
Shahid Kapoor – Laidback Messy Hair
How To Make It – Sides and back need not be very short (Number 3-4 on the hair-trimming machine is more than good enough). Crown hair needs to be long (3-4 inches). Use your fingers and not a comb to style your hair. Looks natural and apply after shower cream to give shiny look.
Virat Kohli – Crew Cut
How To Make It – To get this simple, neat and stylish haircut, you need to get the sides and back short to number 1 on the hair-trimming machine while you keep it at 2 inches on the crown of the head. Styling is as easy as it looks. Use your fingers to style it. Using a product is optional.
Ranveer Singh – Spikes With Undercut
How To Make It – Prim and proper, this hairstyle truly needs applause. To get this style, keep the sides and back really short to number 1 on the hair-trimming machine. While the back of your crown hair is short (about 2 inches), the front needs to be long (about 4 inches minimum). Style it using a hair product and your fingers.
Ayushmann Khurrana – Man Bun
How To Make It – Many would think that a man bun is easy to style but that is totally not the case in reality. A man bun is the most difficult to maintain and style. This doesn't mean you cannot pull it off. Grow all parts of your hair till about 7-8 inches and then look to style them. Take your stylist's help to groom it for you. Trust yourself to style the man bun.
Varun Dhawan – Variation of Spikes
How To Make It – Nothing too fancy yet elegant, this hairstyle requires you to keep the sides shorter than the crown hair but not too short (about 1-2 inches). Crown hair is about 3-4 inches and can be styled easily with help of a hair product.
Celebrities today have the most up-to-date and stylish hairstyles. Professional hairstylists try a new style first on a celebrity and if it looks good, it becomes a trend. That's the only way style trends work. Because we all are so influenced by celebrities, we thought of bringing for you the best celebrity hairstyles that you can pull off easily. Hope you get some useful tips through above-mentioned points.
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Image credits – Vikas Kakkar.
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