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Humans face many stages & phases in his/her life. Each phase relates to many experiences that always teach a good lesson to each one of us. But if we differentiate between the two major stages- childhood and adulthood then definitely different points will be raised out. So, today let’s just celebrate our two most precious stages of life. We would not only talk about it but also will see who’s gonna win today: Adulthood or Childhood?
#1- Money! (Childhood V/S Adulthood)
It’s really true that money is not only the main thing but the fun and memories are more precious than anything.
#2- Waking up! (Childhood V/S Adulthood)
Waking up or going to sleep is always a thing that troubles in all stages of life except old age.(Hope I’ll be the same in the old age too).
#3- Tensions! (Childhood V/S Adulthood)
Tension seems like immortal and always chases us in all the stages and phases.
#4- Irritation level! (Childhood V/S Adulthood)
IRRITATION word is itself a problem and believes me, it haunts us everywhere.
#5- Parents & Feelings! (Childhood V/S Adulthood)
Sometimes, when time swift everything gets change.
#6- Sibling problems! (Childhood V/S Adulthood)
When one who finds a best friend in his cousin then that relation will be the most precious ever.
#7- Time! (Childhood V/S Adulthood)
Always take out times for the one who really cares for you.
Conclusion – It’s not a war it’s simply a thought and a guideline according to which one can get nostalgic about his/her childhood and from this one can become an ideal child, brother, sister, mother, father or anything.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image credit – Vikas Kakkar
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