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In this fast forward 21st century India still faces many disgusting complaints which are directly connected to our very own religious God men & God women. India holds a vast and great history regarding many religions but nowadays those so called self-proclaimed God men and God women are literally ruling the whole India. No matter in which region they live and no matter what type of society they stay people blindly follow them. But have you ever wonder why the people follow them? No, then today we will disclose some of the core reason why people trust them and place them equivalent to God.
No more talk about different Fake God men & God women but just the followers who evolves among us and why?
Some Hard Core reasons:
Old Rituals:
From the very old times our old generation had a great faith in these God men but in old times God men really meant a lot because they are truly devoted to GOD but now fake god men are only devoted to money and other bad exercises.
Not talking about all of the people but in many Rural and urban areas there are a group of people who truly believe in all kind of superstitious activities and because of that they even offer their wife’s and children to many fake God men, Such a shameful act.
Weak faith:
The first faith is to have a trust in God than trust any other person, but in India, people start losing their faith and start trusting these bad god men & god women. Never ever lose your faith.
Less trust in yourself:
If one trusts him/her than believe me there will be no obstacle between you and GOD. Never forget that in many cases YOU all alone face many problems, if this is true then why to take help from any other fake person.
Education and good knowledge is not only needed for a good job but also very useful for many other day to day life activities. Do give your children’s proper education & do help the people whom you find still trap in these FAKE god men activities.
It’s not about making the action it mainly focuses on taking the action. Recently we saw many Fake God men & God women real faces, so stop thinking and trusting upon the fake one and start trusting upon the REAL ONE i.e. one true GOD.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Credit – Vikas Kakkar
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