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The innocent gift from GOD to this world are children’s. They literally make our world full of happiness, but what you think if I said that in millions boys and girls face the sexual abuse, punishment and many curial activities, but do not consider it as the biggest problem because biggest problem is that “parents” always neglect this terrible activity and avoid to teach their Kid’s about this. So today we will discuss 5 Bollywood movies that can help parents to teach their kids about the child abuse. As we all know to talk to them in openly is quite difficult. So take the help of these films and with some symbols try to teach them about the bad touch and good touch and many other things.
Here are 5 movies which are perfect portraying the Child abuse issue:
1) Water
A masterpiece by Deepa Mehta perfectly portrayed the pathetic condition of widows. The story revolves around a girl named “CHUYIA” who came to an ashram which is specially designed for Widows in Varanasi. But later on, CHUYIA forced to join the prostitution at her tender age. A perfect movie through which one can teach their Kids.
2) Komal
It is considered as one of the best educational movies in India. The movie won many awards including National Award. The movie basically teaches the children that what is good and what is bad, not only the children but also it is a must watch for parents too.
3) Highway
Imtiaz Ali who portrayed many different points including gender-based inequality, caste inequality, and child abuse in this movie. In the very last part of the movie Alia Bhatt narrates her story and the story really create the Goosebumps in the audience. A good suggestion for parents for their beloved daughter.
4) Monsoon Wedding
A classy masterpiece by Meera Nair including perfect music, perfect location, and storyline. Gracefully showed up the big Indian wedding, but In the end, Meera showed up the true and bitter truth of child abuse by our very own trusted family members. It showed up the perfect meaning that we should take care of our child from the very beginning as the child abuse affects a person in a long-running way.
5) I Am
An amalgam of 4 stories in a single film. In ‘I Am’the story of “Abhimanyu” is a masterpiece demonstrating the social issue of child abuse, Well directed by talented Onir. Starring Anurag Kashyap, Sanjay Suri and Radhika Apte perfect suggestion in this list.
Hope apart from cartoons and children shows, now Parents must start showing these types of movies to their child. Because do not assume that society is going to be teach them. In this curial society, parents are the only savior in their children’s life.
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Author – Adnan Alam
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