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Whether it's summer or its winter men constantly need some kind fragrance on them for a better personality. Now in the present scenario, one gets impressed by you not only by the clothes and shoes but also the fragrance that is invisible yet you wear. Today we will discuss that what the exact spots are where men can spray the perfume for long lasting Fragrances.
Here are some perfect spots:
I know it sounds weird but it is actually one of the most effective spots to spray a perfume. The reason behind this is that hair fibers are really good in containing the fragrance for a long while. Don’t spray it directly but first dry your hair and spray on your comb than comb your hairs.
Oily skins always lost its fragrance very quickly but if you want to make your fragrance long lasting than applying the perfume on the top of your Ears.
If you don’t have a muscular body than don’t worry, impress the girl in front of you with your perfume. Spray a perfect amount of perfume on the area between your chest and shirt and just see the magic for sure.
Aiming the veins is the primary target while spraying the perfume & coincidentally inside the elbows there is a bunch of veins which circulate the blood very fast and by spraying over here one can get the long-lasting fragrance.
Want to impress someone with the help of your perfume fragrance than trying it on your neck. The area of your neck is warmer than the other parts of the body so it helps in enhancing the fragrance.
This is a common one but have you ever wondered why one practices this action? The reason behind is that your pulses really work closely to your skin and this pumping makes the whole body smells good.
Sometimes it is considered as that not always directly sprays the perfume to your body but spray it on your clothes. Fabrics like wool and many other captured the fragrance for a little bit longer than the skin.
So just open up the bottle and spray it, and don’t forget the cheat code to impress anyone with your fragrance. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more beauty updates.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designed – Vikas Kakkar
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