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One of the most famous monuments in the world is sometimes used as the best place to get a laughter therapy. Photoshop masterminds (So called) used the Taj Mahal image in hilarious ways and apart from that the signature pose in front of Taj Mahal creates a true laughter ride. Here we are presenting some of the funny photos related to Taj Mahal.
Here we go:
#1 – The High Guy
Just see the pose and you can clearly see that this guy’s life is so high.
#2 – Daddy Cool OBAMA
Ya, the coolest president posing the coolest pose.Ps – Photoshop it is :D
#3 – “Ullu Banaya Bada Maza Aaya”
This is how your best friends play a bluff game with you.
#4 – “Aaj Mein Upar Taj Mahal Niche”
The heights of photography angles as you can see over here.
#5 – No older posing only eating
Have you ever imagined the Taj Mahal this way? If no, then start thinking that Taj Mahal is a huge Ice cream Box just open it and enjoyyyyy….
#6 – Saddam’s Taj Mahal
Disclaimer: - This is just for FUN, Please don’t criticize me. I repeat just for fun :D
#7 – Hershey’s Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal as a huge Hershey's chocolate…. Yummmm…….!
#8 – Taj Mahal Cake
Want to gift Taj Mahal to your beloved one? Try this Taj Mahal cake.
Hope you all don’t get offended by any photo as it is only meant for FUN. If you still feel any kind of anger than……. Then even I don’t know what to say because India is a democratic country and everyone is free to say anything :D
Enjoy your Monday with a smile & stay tuned to LOPSCOOP.
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Curate by Adnan Alam
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