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Mark Bridger a well known photographer captured many great shots but this time he captured a cute story of little owls. Let just find out that how he what he capture this time and the story behind these beautiful clicks:
“I took this photo from a private hide on an old pig farm in Berkshire, England when the chap who owns the land invited me up there. These owls are completely wild. They’re called, “Little Owls” or Athene noctua. They were introduced into the United Kingdom in 1842. They are now on the decline with about 5,000 breeding pairs left in the U.K.”
“They hunt during dawn and dusk, but they can be found throughout the day perched on a branch or handy post. They are my favorite owls to photograph—so full of character.”
“I shot the photo with my Canon 1DX and a friend’s Canon 500mm f4 IS lens. It was getting quite late, about 9 p.m., so I used an ISO of 2000, f4 1/500 @ 500mm. I only managed to get one frame with his mouth open, which I didn’t notice until I got home, so I was very happy when I saw it. I used Apple Aperture to process my RAW files, but I didn’t really have to do much to this photo—just a quick noise and sharpen, and a bit of contrast adjustment.”
“The best advice I can give somebody photographing wild owls is to stay with your subject for as long as you can. You never know what will happen!”
Hope this photographer also made you to love little owls. Enjoy your holiday with these amazing lovable pictures and stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more interesting updates.
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