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Some brain teasers are mathematical. It means one will need to make some mathematical calculations to solve these riddles. Some riddles are logical. It means that one will need to make logical deductions for solving these riddles. Some riddles require knowledge of language to solve. However, there are some brain teasers which in the first instance will look like that it does not make much sense. However if one thinks out of the box then these riddles can be solved easily. Here are such out of box thinking riddles which will make you think unconventionally to solve them. Let see how many of these you can solve without looking at the answers. The answer to these riddles is given at the end of this post.Let me start the first one which took me a while to solve it. Post your comment if you are able to solve it in less than 2 minutes:)
1. Out of box thinking puzzle
2. Lateral thinking riddle
3. Lateral thinking mind teaser
4. Lateral thinking puzzle
5. Out of box thinking mind teaser
1. Reflect the first number and connect it with the second number to get the image of object given on the right :).
2. Beggar is a woman whose brother died.
3. Pack contains the parachute.
4. Today is 1st Jan and Marry's B'day is on the 31st of December. So she turned 8 yesterday. She will turn 9 this year and hence 10 next year.
5. To understand this paragraph read it as statement, not question:)
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