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Critical thinking is ability to think rationally and clearly about solving a problem. Critical thinking can be improved by solving brain teasers which will make you think out of box. Here are some out of box thinking brain teasers which will help to boost your critical thinking skills.
How to solve these Critical thinking Brain Teasers
This contains five picture puzzle images each containing one critical thinking brain teaser. Some of these brain teasers will make you think out of box. For some of the brain teasers you need to answer quickly and one is fun brain teaser which will make you think laterally and rationally.Lets see how many of these critical thinking brain teasers you can solve without looking at the answers. Solutions to these critical thinking brain teasers is given at the end.
Next one relates to the previous one. If you are able to solve the previous one, then brain teasers will not take much time to solve for you.
Answers of Critical Thinking Brain Teasers
Answers of these Critical Thinking Brain Teasers are given as below
I)First take 3 liters full. Put it into 5 liters. Now again fill 3 liters bucket full. Put it into 5 liters bucket to make it full. Remaining water in 3 liter bucket will be 1 liter. Now empty 5 liter bucket and put 1 liter water from 3 liter bucket in 5 liter bucket. Fill fully 3 liter bucket to get in total exactly 4 liter water.
II)Repeat the procedure to get 4 liters as in the previous puzzle. Pour this 4 liters water in the 5 liter bucket and now re-fill 3 liter bucket again to get exactly 7 liters.
III)In this number all the individual numbers are arranged in alphabetical order.
IV)Doctor is mother of the girl.
V)Parents (2), Three Sons (3) and one sister. Total 6 people in your family.
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