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We all love detective stories where policemen investigate the most challenging cases. And we bet you dreamed of catching criminals in your childhood.Bright Side gives you the opportunity to feel like a real detective by solving cases using just a few hints.
The murder of an aristocrat
George Smith was murdered on Sunday evening. There were 5 other people in his house: Mr. Smith’s wife, his personal cook, a butler, a housemaid, and a gardener. They all told Detective Stevens what they were doing that evening:
Mrs. Smith was reading a book near a fireplace.
The cook was making breakfast.
The butler was giving instructions to workers in the living room.
The housemaid was washing the dishes.
The gardener was watering plants in the greenhouse.
Right after all the conversations, the detective arrested the murderer. Who was the killer, and how did Stevens find the criminal? The answer is on the back.
Silly murderer
The detective was speaking to a doctor in a waiting room when a dismayed man rushed in and screamed, "Someone shot my wife!"The detective asked the man to tell him everything. The man, Mr. Clark, said that he was at work when his housekeeper called him and said that something terrible had happened to his wife and that she was in the intensive care unit. He hung up immediately and went to the hospital.
When Mr. Clark finished his story, the detective arrested him on an attempted murder charge. Why did he do this?
Blood Ties
A millionaire was shot in the forehead at home. The detective spoke to the millionaire’s 3 sons, Jack, John, and James, who were at home.
Jack said that night John, their father, and he had been at an official reception. They arrived home and entered the living room: his father came in, and then John and Jack. When their father came up to the stairs, James entered the living room and shot their father.
John confirmed Jack’s information.
James said he had visited his friends that night. When he arrived home, his father was already dead.
The detective understood everything immediately. Who was the killer, and how did Stevens resolve that case?
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