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On this website, we have many different types of brain tasers. There are many Mathematical Brain Teasers which will test your Maths skills. There are many Logical Brain Teasers which test your logical abilities. There are many different types of Visual Brain Teasers to test your Observation Skills. Now its time to post some brain teasers which are mix of all these types of brain teasers and will require some out of box thinking to solve these puzzles.In these brain teasers you need to think out of box to find the answers for these puzzles. These puzzles will also test your mathematical, logical as well as visual observational skills. Along with these skill, most of these brain teasers will test your lateral thinking abilities.
1. Can you tell the missing number?
2. Can you tell How is this Possible?
3. Can you solve this out of box thinking brain teaser?
4. On which numbers the airplanes are parked?
5. Can you find what is missing?
1) Answer is 1376Last number here tells number of letters in given wordSecond last number tells day of the weekRemaining numbers at the beginning is sum of last two numbers
2) XXIX is 29 in Roman Numerals. Remove I to get XXX which is 30.
3) Answer is 2Right side number in each equation tell the total number of circles or enclosed paths in left side of the equations.
4). Numbers at the Parking places are 21, 20 and 17 from left to right. These parking slots are marked in sequence starting from 16. Turn the picture upside down to understand this logic.
5). Answer is R. This is the diagram of gears with question mark replace the reverse gear in the vehicle.
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