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There are many different types of brain teasers published on this website. Some of the brain teasers are picture brain teasers in which one has to find hidden animals in the given picture. Some are Mathematical Brain Teasers in which one has to do mathematical calculations to find the answer. Also there are some brain teasers in which one has to count the number of given geometrical shapes in the given picture image. There are some Quick Brain Teasers too in which one has to quick answer the given riddles. Logical Puzzles are very much liked here on the website in which some mathematical equations are given which following some logical pattern in calculating the answer. One has to find this logical pattern and then solve the last equation to find the value of question mark. Here in this post we are publishing all of these kinds of puzzle.Here are the mix of different types of brain teasers. In picture brain teasers one has to find the hidden animals in given picture image. Also there are mathematical brain teasers, counting the number of squares in given picture image and logical brain equation puzzles.These are very interesting Brain Teasers. We am not putting answers to these brain teasers, so that one can try this can come up with answers. Please to post the answers of these brain teasers in comments section of this post. Lets start with the first picture brain teaser in one has to find few hidden animals in the given puzzle picture image. Lets see how many hidden animals can you find in this picture? Do post your answer in the comment section along with the animal name which you are able to find in this puzzle image.
#1 Genius Brain Teaser
#2 Tricky Brain Teaser
#3 Easy Brain Test Mind Teaser
#4 Quick Brain test puzzle question
#5 Picture Brain Teaser to find hidden horse
#6 Brain Teaser to count number of squares
#7 Simple Maths Brain Teaser
Give answers in comment section
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