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Many have tried, but few have actually managed, to successfully find every single one of the items that are hidden in the series of images below. Do you have what it takes to pull it off without sneaking a peek at any of the answers?!The task is not easy, in fact it’s quite challenging, because there’s a total of fifteen images to work through. Above each one is a prompt that tells you what to focus your attention on. Depending on the picture you’re looking at, it could be a letter, an animal, even an egg or a potato that needs to be found.By now you’ve probably seen quite a few of these search puzzle images. A new one gets released just about every other week and so some of these may be familiar to you. If that’s the case then you already have a head start. Without further delay, see if you can find the odd object out in all of the pictures below. Please share this with friends and family and good luck!
Find the letter 'T' (it's not red).
Find the panda among these dogs.
Find Queen Elizabeth II among these dogs.
Find the puppy among these pandas.
Find the four-leaf clover.
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