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Here we are posting some of the quick riddles which you can ask your friends and challenge their mind. Say to your friends that they have to answer these riddles really quick. Answer to some of these riddles will amuse you and your friends. Some of these puzzles are also Who am I? type of riddles. In these kind of riddles, hints are given about something and you have to guess the thing from these hints.Answers to these riddles is given at the end of this post. However it will be great to read the answers of visitors of this website. Do post your answers in the comment section of this post.
Here is the list of riddles
1. My friend can shave over 10 times a day but still have a full beard. How is this possible?
2. I point up its dark, I point down its bright. Who am I?
3. When you go at RED but stop at GREEN
4. Tom is assistant at a butcher's shop. His height is five feet 10 inches. He shoe size is 7. What does he weigh?
5. If it took 10 Men 10 hours to build a wall. How long would it take 5 Men to build it?
6. A person was buying something for 5$ and selling it for 3$ becomes millionaire after while. How can this be possible?
7. The Prime Minister of the country has a brother. His name is Tom. However Tom says that he does not have a brother. How can this be possible?
8. Feed me and I live, yet give me a drink and I die. Who am I?
9. An electric train is headed north and wind is blowing south. In which direction the smoke go?
10. The more places the I be, the less you can see. Who am I?
1. Because he is barber.
2. Switch
3. While eating the Watermelon
4. Meat
5. None. Wall is already built :)
6. Because he used to be Billionaire.
7. Because Prime Minister is woman. So Tom has sister who is Prime Minister of the country.
8. Fire
9. Nowhere. Electric train does not emit smoke.
10. Darkness/Fog.
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