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It is not the only puzzle to vex internet users this week. A new set of optical illusions playing on participants' eye-to-brain relationship has been taking the internet by storm.The geniuses at Playbuzz have challenged brain teaser boffs to see if they can solve four colour-based puzzles.But all is not what it seems and, as the creators say, 'only the keenest eyes can pass!'.
The first optical illusion shows 12 coloured squares.Participants are asked how many different colours they can see - excluding white.They are asked to solve the challenge in fewer than seven seconds.
The second puzzle shows a list of colours, written in five different colours.The words do not correspond with the colour they are written in, for example 'green' is written in blue.Participants are asked how many colours are named, and have to solve the challenge within nine seconds - which is far less straightforward than it seems.
In the third puzzle, brain teaser boffs are given an image of 25 black squares, with a white space between them - and asked how many colours they can see.Some challengers may see grey marks at the intersections between the squares.However, the grey is an optical illusion and the only colours there are black and white.
The task in the fourth and final puzzle seems simple enough - to ascertain which orange dot is bigger.At a first glance, it appears as though the dot on the right-hand-side is larger than the one on the left.However, this brain teaser is all about perspective and in fact the dots are exactly the same size.
In a brain teaser released by Playbuzz earlier this month, internet users were challenged to see if they could spot what was wrong in this sentence and colourful list of numbers above - in fewer than five seconds.Reading both text and numbers at a quick pace can result in skipping bits out - which many people who failed to spot the mistake have fallen foul of here.The numbers, which are in colour, attract the eye and the reader may automatically find themselves checking those for a mistake. In fact, the error is hidden in the text informing you that there is a mistake to spot.
For those not familiar with the baker's offerings, picking out the pasty proved difficult. The puzzle is the latest in the trend of brain-teasers sweeping the web in recent months - with Where's Wally-style puzzles challenging people to spot animals amongst throngs of creates becoming all the craze. The eagle-eyed spotted that the difference lies in the patterns of the pasties - with the cheese and onion bake boasting a slightly different scoring.
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