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These brain teasers consists of mix of all type of brain teasers. It contains some of out of box thinking brain teasers in which one has to think deeply to solve these puzzles. Some of the these puzzles are finding the odd one out letter in which one has to tell which is different letter among given letters. However most of these brain teasers are Maths Brain Teasers. Let me start with the tough one. This brain teaser will definitely test your out of box thinking skills. If kids find this brain teaser as tough, then they can skip this riddle and jump it to the next one.I went to a shopping mall where parking slots were marked. Luckily most of these parking slots were empty and I parked my car in one of these parking slots. After coming out of my car I saw a very interesting pattern in the way these parking slots were marked. Can you find out this interesting pattern and find out the number in which my car is parked?
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