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After getting married, the couple’s life revolves around each other. They are absolutely in a different zone and enjoy their ‘us’ time. The whole world appears alien to them. It is altogether a fantasy world that they experience.
But once they have their first baby, parents are seen running here and there. Everything seems messed up in no time. The fantasy becomes real haphazard world. Things take a different turn and the parents lose all the freedom. Though, they love being parents and cherish the feeling at initial days but as the time passes, they realize whether it was wise to plan the baby so early. The first child definitely keeps everyone on their toes, specially the mother who is at home and spends the whole day with the child. Kids, sometimes gets so annoying that mother gets irritated and wonders if it was a big mistake.
Let’s have a look at some hilarious issues newbie mothers have to face when kids annoy them with their irritating habits.
1. When you just had a sleep late at night and suddenly the baby wakes up!
"Nooo, he is crying again. How will I sleep for the whole night? God, please help!"
2. When after coming back from kitchen you witness the messed up room!
"What the heck! I just cleaned it a few while ago."
3. When you just feed the baby and within 15 min he again cries out of hunger
"Oh God! He is eating again. I just fed him. How can he get hungry again!"
4. When the baby poops again after 10 min
"Another poop! :0 But you just pooped 10 min ago. Don’t you realize how costly your diapers are?!!"
5. When you are ready for the party and he pees off out on the new dress
"Wow! Am I not looking sexy in this dress? Few moments ago- Nooo, not again, how can you pee on my new dress."
6. When you are having ‘love time’ in bed after so long and suddenly he wakes up again
"Oh shit! The baby woke up. Why can’t you just let us love for a while dude!"
7. When you change his clothes more than 5 times a day
"What? Again you got your clothes dirty!"
8. When you think of buying expensive lingerie for yourself but ends up buying diapers
"Wow! I would look hot in it. Hi wait! How I can forget the cost of a single diaper! Bye Hotty! :( "
9. When everyone dances at party and you are busy with your cry baby
"Shut up you fool! Stop crying. I wish I could dance too!"
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