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Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be at the receiving end these days. As the Unnao rape case and Kathua rape case is creating outrage nationwide, the pressure of coming up with some strong measures against rapists is building upon the government.
While being in India, PM Modi was constantly being questioned for his take on the recent rape cases and now during an interview in the British parliament building, Prime Minister Modi was again asked to express his thoughts over the issue.
During the interview, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it is shameful to play politics over the issues related to rapes and sexual assaults in the country.
While addressing a gathering at the 'Bharat Ki Baat, Sabke Saath' event in London Prime Minister Modi said, "A rape is a rape. How can we tolerate this exploitation of our daughters?"
He also said, "Rape incidents are a big stigma on the Indian society, and such incidents should not be politicised. It is time we take a resolve to change this culture."
While urging people to change their mindset, the PM said, "The rape of a girl child is a matter of worry, of shame for the nation. It is time parents start asking their boys, not their girls, exactly where they go & what they do."
Interestingly, talking about the rape cases on a global platform doesn't seem to be going down well with the Twitteratti. Netizens have started digging out his old interviews and quotes of 2014 where he is apparently blaming the Congress government for Nirbhaya rape case and urging voters to remember Nirbhaya while voting for the Assembly polls.
Check out the tweets here:
While addressing a rally in Delhi in 2014, PM Modi had asked people not to forget the 'rape capital' tag associated with the national capital when they vote.
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