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Every relationship builds up only when there is a certain amount of communication between the two. In long distance relationship, it is the interaction that binds the couple with each other which ultimately forms trust. Some say that long- distance relationship is not that easy to handle and some are linear about it. But one thing is important i.e. relationship should not suffer due to distance issues. If one is committed towards other, the relation between the two will definitely grow further. But if both are taking it for granted then that is where they go wrong in life because after break up it’s not easy to handle the pain for many couples, especially in long distance.
It’s indeed difficult to interpret the situations of long term relation unless you have been into it. So, here we have gathered some of the experiences (both negative and positive) of Quora users that would help us to comprehend the long distance relationships in a better way.
When asked about whether long-distance relationship works with someone you've met on the internet. Users replied-
“I think it is good, but that is because I have had a good experience of internet dating and long distance relationships.” He further says, “My life totally changed because of internet dating and my long distance relationship. Yes, it did not go on for years, but it was hard when we could not be together all of the time. It is hard now too, as I cannot go back for 90 days or until I get my visa. But, I can whole heartedly say that it is well worth it.
Other user makes a negative reply-
“No, it doesn’t work! Relationships take time and effort to grow. When you meet someone on the internet and distance is added into the mix, there is not ample opportunity to get to know the person beyond electronic means. Chats via key strokes and video, text and phone calls, do not adequately get the job done. Distance only makes a hard task more difficult. Relationships that work require social and personal interaction beyond computer and phone screens.”
This person doesn’t have a good experience either-
“Initially it is exciting but very soon it starts fading unless you meet / talk often.
Sometimes end up in frustration also as only thing you can do is waiting for other partner. And if unfortunately he/she finds someone in real life then obviously the left over long distance partner is out of picture soon.”
Another negative one-
“Not usually. All long distance relationships are hard, I would imagine a good foundation to start is key. I tried online dating, and all kinds of guys from far away would try to start something. That's just crazy in my eyes. I put a 30mile limit for any type of dating. Anything much more than that, is probably not going to work well.”
A ray of positivity-
It can!
It has it's pros and cons but only if two people are really willing to be together and are making efforts whenever needed.Long distance relationships are much more complicated and hence it requires a lot of efforts and patience to make it work
So, we see that it’s having mix reactions as some are calling it good enough and some are not. Some believe that it’s good in initial stages but others are of the opinion that they never work out. So it differs person to person.

But don’t feel scared if you are in a long distance relationship. The only thing you need to do is to be loyal and committed to your partner and make him/her believe that you are completely true to the relationship.
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