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Bollywood celebs are the stars of every event. Their behaiviour, expressions, gestures and the whole look wait for the camera to get captured. More than that, there is also the public eye which sits and waits to witness the latest trend in Bollywood and for that, it look forward to the celebrities. Sometimes, these stars smash their appearances with great fashion outfits and sometimes they end up being extreme fashion disasters. They just ignore the flaws in their fashion sense and get trolled on social media.
Here we have an example of the “Fair and Lovely girl" Yami Gautam who got clicked on an event for a mobile launch in Delhi. The colour she was wearing was totally summer friendly, the dress was quite fashionable but the only flaw in her outfit was its fitness issue. She was wearing yellow colored corset with trousers. It seemed that the fabric is fully see- through and transy. It catches our eye attention at once.
Other than that, the trouser she is wearing seems ill- fitted. It is loose from thigh area giving it an awkward look. Moreover, she was not looking very comfortable wearing this summer cool dress. Apparently, she has seen carrying herself really well in the earlier events. But this time, Yami has failed to add the intended glamour around.
There is one more instance where at an award function she went through an “oops” moment when her dress slipped off a little. She was seen adjusting her black off- shoulder dress time and again while giving a pose to the camera. Here we have a picture of her “oops” moment-
Likewise, there are some other celebs whom we have seen making fashion blunders which definitely made us think- what were they up to?
The plastic sleeves!
The disco shine!
The cheap fabric!
The perfect mismatch!
Blanket brand promotion, Oops!
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