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So, once again Bhabi ji aka Bigg Boss season 11 winner Shilpa Shinde is flashing in news. As the other day she got trolled by her least- liked Bigg Boss inmate, none other than Hina Khan. Those who had been the regular viewers of the show would definitely relate to the relationship both these ladies shared in the house together. There had always been a typical bickering issue between them which can be clearly seen till now when they are out in the real world. It seems that the spat between the two has not over yet.
This has been brought to us by twitter where Hina has directly slammed Shilpa in a tweet for posting an adult video of some random girl. On the other hand, Shilpa has other reasons to post the video. She wanted her fans to know about the truth of her fake MMS that rumored last year and degraded her identity. This hearsay was also mentioned in Big Bogg house when Shilpa Shinde blamed Vikas Gupta for dragging down her character.
Here’s how they exchanged verbal blows on twitter
To which Hina Khan got annoyed and replied in return:
But Shilpa Shinde didn’t step back rather moved forward and wrote again in her defense.
In fact, Rocky Jaiswal, who is the boyfriend of Hina Khan didn’t flinch from writing his own part on twitter. He also slammed Shilpa for promoting such adult/ porn videos on social media. Look what Rocky wrote:
This is how Shilpa Shinde got trolled for posting a vulgar video which though was not right but she did it for herself so that she could again regain her pure character in the eyes of her fans. So this way Hina Khan certainly got a chance to defame Shilpa once again for no good reasons.
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