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What can you expect from a typical housewife who is TV serial lover? Of course nothing! LOL! I mean she just has one and only stuff in her life and that is certainly her serial stories which are actually stupid and meaningless. For that matter, she needs nothing else for the whole day but just want to spend quality time with her illogical dramas. These ridiculous serials are completely opposite to the real world which again ridicule woman’s mind. Especially when they show something like this-
Uff! And above all, the result of this foolishness is ultimately encountered by the poor and innocent family members. Now tell me, what is the fault of a small hungry child who asks food from her ‘serial freak’ mother? And what about the poor husband who comes back after having a hectic schedule at office? No one can answer this, for sure!
Here are some of the reactions a serial- freak lady gives when she gets distracted from her favorite dramas:
When the child asks for lunch after coming back from school
When husband asks wife to fetch a glass of water
When maid asks for a day off
When husbands asks wife about her day
When husband asks wife to change before sleeping
When child cries being sleepy
When husband asks wife the reason of her cry
When kid asks his mother to sing a lullaby at night
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