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We all agree to the fact that teenage is the most lovely phase of our life. It’s full of fantasy, dreaming, friendships and specially that butterfly feeling towards an opposite sex. Love happens to be all around with a musical tinge of romance. Wow! Such were the days. You feel like king/queen of the world because you believe that you are extraordinary beautiful. And of course, your fantasy world becomes more majestic when the love stories of television add up a flavor in life.
So guys, here I am making you a bit nostalgic by listing down some of the most popular romantic serials of Indian television that will sway you away with the breeze of their lovey- dovey moments.
Here I’ve compiled a special list of some of the best romantic shows that prove that Indian television introduced something really heart- touching back then:
1. Miley Jab Hum Tum
This was the perfect college romance that got really popular amongst teenagers of that era. Especially the college goers could aptly relate to the lives of different character shown in the serial. A stud character named Samrat used to be the ideal of youngsters. Some used to relate the nerdy character Mayank to them. Also the Morena sisters - Gunjan and Nupur added to the beauty of the story. What a delightful arena that was, Wow!
2. Dil Mil Gayye
This serial had precisely spread magic all around. People used to day dream and mimic the characters of Dil Mil Gye. Who can forget the passionate chemistry between Armaan and Ridhima and the banter between them was the real essence of the series. These names are still embedded in our hearts. The hospital set up used to make us believe that it is the place where love stories begin. In my opinion, this love series can be watched time and again forever. It will indeed remain evergreen in our hearts.
3. Love Story
Love Story is one and only romantic drama that you cannot forget in your lifetime only if you were its regular viewer. The amazing musical track still sounds delightful in our ears and produce gush of feelings in the heart. It’s literally a cute romantic story you could relate with. The chemistry between both of them even until they came closer physically, touched us with a butterfly feeling. It had also a political touch that made it a kind of romantic tragedy.
4. Left Right Left
This was aired on Sab TV and the show got super hit amongst the youngsters. This was a completely different story line where the main focus was on military cadets and officials. But in the middle of everything there was something romantic between the two main leads of the show. The main protagonist was Captain Rajveer and the chemistry was seen between Huda and Naina. A really different concept it was!
5. Remix
This again carried off with a totally different wave among teenagers. It was a remake of Argentina’s hit soap, Rebelde Way. It was full of music, exploration, friendship, love and so many infinite emotions. This series obviously hooked with less romance yet a pinch of love flavor was added to make it more excited for young generation.
If we are missing out your favorites, do share in the comment below.
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