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There are some celebrities who naturally have unique physical features which set them apart. On the other hand, there are many who took the help of cosmetic surgeons to create a unique feature, they are equally famous too.
1. Kim Kardashian - Butt
She surely is the most controversial person but someone might have spilled the truth that more controversy gain more popularity. She is known for physical beauty and no talent as such but she got this huge popularity because of her butt. She has got one hell of a curvy back.
2. Cara Delevigne - Eyebrows
It is completely on your face and she carries her eyebrows with complete justice. Though she has many more talents starting from being supermodel, actress, beatboxing and the count can go on, she got popular because of her unique super-bushy eyebrows.
3. Christina Hendricks - Chest
Sure, she is one of the best actors in Hollywood but there are some features that you want to embrace. Likewise, she is gifted with an extremely womanly body which she embraces.
4. Cindy Crawford - Mole
This American model and actress look very much exclusive with this a mole in the perfect place.
5. Kylie Jenner - Lips
Another celebrity from the Kardashian household is Kylie Jenner. After her elder sister, she took the same path. Though she never really accepted that she has gone through any surgery or injection but Khloe Kardashian claims she has.
6. Julia Roberts
She is the crush of half the world probably and the reason is her amazing smile. Her smile expresses so much and can immediately bring a smile on your face.
7. Miley Cyrus - Abs
7. Though she is a person known by kids to grandparents but her abs are something which everyone tends to notice. In case you are not a big fan of hers, let us enlighten you. She is a yoga freak and she swears by it.
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