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Girls are girls! They have a completely different outlook to see the world around them. Being a girl, I can fully understand their mentality. From day dreaming to roaming in their own fantasy world is all they have. Specially, for those who are young and college goers.
Now these fantasies can be witnessed in ladies washroom. LOL! For girls, this article would surely be a mirror of their personality. But this would be a completely hilarious for boys. All these things done by a girl certainly depicts her funny behavior.
So here I am going to reveal some of the funny habits of girls who spend so much time in ladies washrooms, be it office washroom or hotel washroom. Now boys don’t have to wonder this uncovered secret because here I am going to uncover it for all.
Sorry girls!! Apologies….
• Applying makeup time and again
Girls have a habit of applying makeup frequently whenever they go to washrooms. It’s like ‘Oho,lipstick to utr hi gyi. Fir se lga lu zara’
• Taking selfies-
This is a ‘must’. I have never seen a girl going to washroom and not taking selfies, same case with me. LOL! They are like,”Aise achi ni aa ri, Pout krti hu”
• Showing sexy dance moves-
Whenever a girl is alone, she loves to dance. Really! And when she is alone in the washroom in front of a giant mirror, she surely can’t resist. Hey wait! This is not the case with me. :p. But girls become crazy and do “oo lalala” steps.
• Singing-
Girls love to sing alone and so do boys. Normally girls in ladies washroom show their talent by singing out loud in perfect ‘Sur Taal’. “Kitna acha gaati hu main- tum bin jiya jaye kaise….!”
• Bitching-
Girls love to gossip. Even if there is nothing they find out something out of nowhere. And they at their best while bitching about their boss, specially if she is also a female. It goes like this- “Aree, meri boss to bdi khdus hai, hr time chik chik.. huh!
• Talk to boyfriend-
That’s right! They don’t get time no! so they go to washroom and start with their ‘kuchi puchi’ things. On the other hand, the boyfriend might get irritated and wonder- “bs kr maa, tu to vehli hai pr mje kaam hai” But she is like- “Hi baby, Kaisa hai mera bccha..!”
• Fart-
Oops! I am zipping up my lips. LOL! They would be like- “Koi dekh to ni rha.. “
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