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Milind Sonam and Ankita Konwar who have recently got hitched are trending all around with their new surprising pictures on social media. After a long relationship of more than one year, both love cupids tied a knot April 21, 2018, putting aside all the taboos and tittle-tattles that actually never affected them. The true lovers are now happily married and seem to be enjoying their new life to the core.
Recently, Ankita has shared some of her romantic underwater pictures with husband, Milind, to show the pleasing and passionate relationship she shares with him after getting united. Here’s a glimpse of the sexy love birds that are raising up the hotness inside deep water.
The pictures are absolutely steaming up the romance between the two and their chemistry is tempting us to watch them over and over again. While Milind is shirtless, Ankita is wearing a black swimsuit. The two look cute and sensuous at the same time.
Also, you will be surprised to know that they have not been to their honeymoon yet. But their gleaming foreheads show that they are enjoying every beautiful moment in their own way. Earlier, a few days after their wedding, they were seen planting a sapling together and the other the newlywed was jogging bare foot in the morning. As we know that Milind is a fitness freak, he does not comprise with the health of the two.
Seriously, this couple is indeed giving us the perfect #CoupleGoals. We can’t take our eyes off their love notes of seductive romance which is being recited underwater.
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