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It all started with Akshay Kumar's post about auctioning off the Naval officer's uniform worn in 2106 film Rustom. The post has apparently created a stir on the social media resulting into an ugly exchange of threats between Twinkle Khanna and an army officer.
The controversy took a turn when Twinkle Khanna's post got flak and a Facebook post slamming her ended by saying that she would get a 'bloody nose.' Twinkle has been quite furious over this and has responded with a furious tweet asking how it's okay to threaten a woman with violence for selling off 'a piece of film memorabilia' for charity and saying she would take legal action.
Twinkle Khanna tweeted, "As a society do we really think it's all right to threaten a woman with bodily harm for trying to raise funds."
While agreeing that Akshay Kumar's original post was unfortunately worded, Twitterati has taken it upon themselves to explain that 'bloody nose' is a phrase that meant defeating somebody. Others are slamming Akshay Kumar saying, "you're not a soldier to own a uniform. If you were, you wouldn't have thought of auctioning it in public."
Akshay Kumar had worn the Naval Commander's uniform (costume) in the 2016 movie Rustom, even then it was criticised for being inaccurate. Tweeples had pointed out how the stripes and decorations on the costume were incorrect and some decorations dating to several decades later than the period the film was set in.
The actor announced last week that his Rustom costume would be auctioned for charity and the proceeds would be used to fund animal rescue and welfare. The actor's post instantly offended the social media users who pointed out that the outfit was a film costume and oy an 'original naval uniform' which is how the post was worded.
Akshay Kumar's film 'Rustom' was based on the real-life Nanavati case in which a naval officer murdered his wife's alleged lover. He was acquitted later by a jury, resulting in the abolishing of the Indian jury system.
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