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Parents are the vital pillars of our life. No matter how strict they are, we should respect their emotions and love for us. They have seen the realities of life and therefore guide us in every way. But, there are certain things that annoy us especially when they are related to our own needs and desires. Parents are always of the opinion that everything has to be done according to the society specially, in case of girls. But it’s not always right. Keeping aside this temperament and understanding the child at every phase of life should be their foremost duty. If they won’t maintain a close and friendly relation with kids then the things would often go wrong.
There are many girls who compliant of being misunderstood by their parents. There is no doubt in the fact that the opinion of a child might differs from parents. Mostly in the case of a girl, parents do not understand her expectation, needs and dreams. They go with the flow of what society says. The taboos are everything they incline to. This way a girl’s life is just like a rope in the hands of society. She has to behave according to the social and religious customs. Hence, her life ends up even before she gets independent in life and never speaks out about the changes that she wants to bring in her parents.
Here are some of the changes that she wants to bring about in her parent’s mentality:
1. Boys and Girls are equal
A girl when reaches teenage gets to understand the sordid reality of society. The difference between boys and girls- asking girls to do household chores, expecting good conduct, coming home in time and informing about her whereabouts are the things which irritate her the most. At this time, parents should take a step further and understand their girl child so that her personality should always develop positively.
2. Getting married
There is a saying in the society that girls should get marriage at a specific age. This is a wrong conception. A girl should not get married until she is ready for it. Moreover, it’s better to be independent first rather to get married too early. Over the top, marriage is not the only thing to survive in the world. So parents need to understand that.
3. Career
There is a wrong notion in every parent’s mind that male child should earn and it’s completely ok if female child is not earning. Girls are human being too. They have the same feelings as boys. They also want to see themselves earning and spending on their parents. So parents should understand that they have heart too.
4. Choosing life partner
Some parents have a habit of imposing their own decisions on children. No doubt its good but only upto a certain limit. When the girls become mature, they know what to do with their life. At least parents should leave their daughter to decide about her marriage and life partner.
5. Male friends
For parents, it’s a bit difficult to digest that their daughter gets along with male friends. This is because they belong to a different generation where this was not a common thing. But today, things are way different from their era. So they should understand that if their daughter is having male friends then it’s really ok.
All they need to get that their children would expect from them only and not from society which has its own rules and regulations. So, they need to be kind and lovable specially, to their daughters so that they would feel independent even after getting married.
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