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Summer has already arrived with its unbearable and muggy weather. It feels as if our body is being baked in the furnace of sun tub. In this extreme sultriness, we need to exfoliate our skin in a proper manner. For that we should make the preparations in advance i.e. before the summery waves hit us. In summers, our body releases lot of moisture through skin which makes it dull enough. The only way to protect our skin is to hydrate and moisturize it with some mild skin products which are healthy too. Along with that, products should be used according to the skin types and age group. For clearer and smoother skin one has to exfoliate and tone it every day so that it glows and gleams each time you look at it.
So it’s time to stuff your beauty box with summer friendly products and get the compliments every time, everywhere. Here I share some of the tips to use the best items that would definitely work out on your skin, this summer:
• Double cleanse:
Many of us feel that the oil cleanser is a useless idea to clean the skin in summers. But the reality is that it helps to get rid of oil from skin along with the impurities that block our skin from breathing. Also, it’s quite necessary to wash your face at least twice a day.
• Light hydration:
As summer arises, we tend to forget to hydrate our skin because we feel that our skin is already producing moisture so we should stop it. But it’s really important understand the fact that it releases moist so as to balance the low moisture level in skin. So we need to put up moisturizers even in summers which are gel based to make our skin look dewy and hydrated.
• Sunscreen:
One of the most important items to protect the skin in summers is sunscreen lotions. The harmful UVA and UVB rays deteriorates the skin and can also result in premature aging, skin tanning, hyper-pigmentations, burns and skin cancer. So it’s important to apply it every 2-3 hours and don’t forget to buy it according to the skin type.
• Clay pack:
To detoxify the skin and fight with the black and white heads issues one needs to use a clay pack. It completely cleans our skin and open pores to make it breathe.
• Sheet mask:
Sheet mask made of fruits and grains is best way to keep our skin soft and healthy. It makes our skin smooth and plump and develops a confidence in us.
• Skin mist:
In a summery weather, one always feels like washing the face again and again. So it’s better to keep the skin mist in hand so as to make the skin fresh and dirt-free. It hydrates the skin deep down and protects it from outside particles. You can also use a pure rose water to get perfect results.
All these tips are no doubt important for our skin but do you know the vital key to make your skin always healthy and beautiful? It’s simple- DRINK MAXIMUM WATER AS YOU CAN. This would lessen half of your skin problems in summers. Try it too!
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