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Essential oils are the real magic for the whole body. They have been used since 5000 years and are pure and natural in their content. They are concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants and fruits. Essential oils not only cleanse the body but also fight skin, hair and other internal issues. They are extremely volatile in nature as it does not contain any preservative and artificial essence. From nail growth to healing skin allergies, pain relievers to good digestion, these act as medicine to every bodily problem.
According to the experts, to bring it in usage, there are specific ways to follow. Here are some of the essential oils with their usage and health benefits.
1. Lavender essential oil
• It soothes and calms the injuries, burns, cuts and stings. It is antiseptic, sleep inducing and disinfectant. For better results, put few drops on the pillow and enjoy a sound sleep.
• Mixing 1-2 drops on coconut oil will soothe skin irritation
• Add 1-2 drops in olive oil for nail care.
2. Rosemary essential oil
• This creates magic for skin. It hydrates, cleanses and make the skin soft and refreshing. Also it protects you from unwanted wrinkles, dark circles, damaged skin and scars.
• This oil has a healing property too. Any kind of inflammation such as puffiness under eyes or swelled skin will completely vanish with its usage.
• Mix rosemary essential oil with any othermild oil before applying on hair and skin and massage gently.
• Add 4-5 drops in 1tsp of coconut oil, massage hair specially scalp area and leave it for overnight for best results.
3. Ylang Ylang
• It has a pure floral aroma which feels so fresh. It basically nourishes limp and damaged hair.
• You can put it an Epsom Salts bath for relaxation.
• Adding 2-3 drops in coconut oil helps in deep conditioning of hair.
4. Tea tree:
• It is used to treat bacterial and fungal infections.
• It also helps in getting rid of insects as well as healing scars on skin.
• Don’t forget to apply it on hair and skin without mixing it well with any mild carrier oil.
• Mixing it with olive oil helps in lip care.
• For acne issues and pimply skin mix 2 drops of essential oils and 1 tsp of Aloe Vera gel.
5. Eucalyptus:
• It helps to fight against respiratory issues such as sinusitis, bronchitis and other kind of allergies.
• It serves as a decongestant and has inflammatory and antiseptic properties.
• Adding a few drops to a hot bath makes your mind and body relaxed with its wonderful aroma.
• As the oil isn't water soluble, so add half teaspoon of bath salt before adding it to water.
6. Peppermint:
• It has a fresh mint aroma that stimulates the mind and body internally.
• Use a drop of it with lemon in water for a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse.
• It helps in energizing body and increase alertness.
• Rub one drop of the oil on the temples, forehead, and on the back of the neck to relieve head pressure.
7. Rose:
• This oil can be used to achieve young, healthy and moisturized skin.
• It is also useful to relieve anxiety and stress.
• For glowing skin, add to any skin cream/lotion to enhance freshness.
• To treat acne, add 4-5 drops in 1 tsp coconut oil and apply thrice a day.
So start using the essential oils today for essential results!
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