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School days are those which will remain a part of our memorable moments specially, those cheerful sets of friends who are naughty and sometimes troublesome to teachers. School was always fun and its memories can never be compared to any other phase of life. The only thing that used to scare us was teachers, of course. They used to appear to us as monsters who would eat us if in case we haven’t completed our homework. We all had our favorite ones, the beautiful ones and some other whom we never liked. We used to feel happy and playful when the not- so- good teacher didn’t come.
Over all, if I compare my school life with other person, one thing I always find common and hilarious too and that are the dialogues that they love to deliver to the whole class. I, being a naughty kid used to irritate the teacher and listened to each and every dialogue which was popular those days, may be till now.
Here are some of the dialogues which were quite popular and funny those days:
1. When you ask to go to washroom
"Kitni bar jaoge, vhi kyu ni so jate"
2. When the whole class yells and talk loudly
"Ye class hai ya macchi mandi"
3. When you forget your notebook at home
"Khana khana bhulte ho, Tv dekhna bhulte ho, fir notebook kaise bhul gye?"
4. When you giggle on a joke with your friend
"Hume b sunao vo joke jo use suna re ho, hum b hus lete hain"
5. When teacher suddenly asks you to close your books
"Aj tumara surprise test hoga, paanch minute mein books bnd ho jani chiye"
6. When the class keeps talking
"Hey! Stop talking; I want pin drop silence in the class."
7. When you misbehave in the class
"Isi khidki se bahr fenk dungi"
8. When you don’t answer in the class
"Raise your hands; go and stand at the back"
9. When a girl student has applied nail paint
"School mein ayi ho ya fashion show mein"
10. When you fail in test
"Apne papa ka number do tum to"
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