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Dear Girls and Guys, if you have found your Mr. Right/Miss. Right and decided to get married then get ready to spend the most beautiful moments of your life. The time span after engagement is something that you can never forget your entire life. It’s even more exciting in case of arrange marriages. Imagine, you are dating your ‘would be’ with the permission of your family. There is absolutely no fear of getting caught by people. Wow! What a life it is.
A courtship period is something that everyone should live with open heart. There are some tips to keep in mind so that you would be able to enjoy this time at its maximum. It helps you to understand your life partner better before marriage which is necessary for happy life. Spending quality time with ‘would be’ spouse is undeniably a stepping stone to the beautiful start. It brings you both close enough so as to know about the hobbies, likings, disliking and above all the compatibility between them.
P.S- Don’t be shy, rather try these cute tips to strengthen the bond between you and your fiancée during the courtship period.
1. Try to be best friends
It’s a first kick start to build a new relationship. First and foremost requirement is to become best friends so that you become quite confy with your partner.
2. Give compliments
You should praise every bit of your partner so that he/she would build a trust factor. Your appreciation would raise a confidence in him/her.
3. Meet frequently
Plan your meetings as often as you can because this would make you both know each other well and intensify your bond.
4. Healthy flirting
It is surely important as it creates butterfly feeling in the stomach when your spouse flirts with cute comments.
5. Talk over phone
Talking over phone call specially late night is an amazing feeling. When the world sleeps, love birds awake and chatter their love talks. One can also talk on video calls to have a better conversation face to face. Sexy remarks, good mornings, evening wishes, love quotes, etc. are little things to make your spouse attracted to you.
6. Join a dance class
If you both are in the same town then you can join a dance class together. a romatic dance arouses the emotions even more than just talking. The feeling of touch enhances the comfort level between the two.
7. Plan things for honeymoon
This conversation definitely helps one to think aloud his/her feelings. One would become more expressive in conveying even the deep down feelings. This brings out the spark in the relationship and excitement to get married as early as possible.
8. Surprise your spouse with something sexy
You can wear some sexy dress or give a romantic surprise just to make your partner feel his own importance in your life. This builds trust for each other and scale up the romance between the two.
The true essence of courtship period would come out when you give quality time to your partner. So make each other feel how much you value one another.
Always remember, before touching physically, try to touch their souls.
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