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We, being busy in our daily schedules, never get time to soothe our mind and body with the freshness of nature. The beauty that nature own is just incredible and incomparable. Most of us are surrounded with polluted atmosphere which ultimately harms us physically as well as mentally. There are indeed others who are born under a lucky star i.e. they are blessed to reside in the lap of nature. These are people who live in mountain areas where there is greenery all around. But how would we find that greenery plus beauty? The answer is the most wonderful and fresh Botanical gardens around the world where nature resides with its heightened beauty.
So here we have foregathered for you the world’s most delightful botanical Gardens that would make you feel as if you have stepped into heaven. Check them out!
Jardim Botanico, Rio de Janeiro
Nature’s Heaven on earth!
Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town
It occupies total of 83 acres land and is situated on the slope of mountain in Cape Town. It is also considered as the best garden in Africa.
Longwood Gardens, the USA
The vibrant colors itself speaks out the true beauty and tells it’s tale of wonders. Seated in more than 1000 acre land, this garden has 20 outdoor and 20 indoor gardens within itself.
Montreal Botanical Garden, Montreal, Canada
If you have been to Canada then you wouldn’t have missed this one for sure. The beautiful statue filled with greenery and the little waterfall captures and attracts you with its splendor.
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York
This must be relished because of its incredible beauty and delight to the eyes. A pure and mind refreshing green place that has something to tell about its charm.
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