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If you are a kind of person who is foodie and can’t live without experimenting different stuffs then you are on the same league as mine. No matter the stomach is filled; people like me are always ready to eat. It’s just like- Pet bhar gya, pr neeyat nai bhari. LOL! I know most of you, after reading this, would relate this hindi phrase. Be it anything related to food, we pounce upon it. What can we do? It’s just imbibed in us. Haha!
So foodies, I have something new for you guys today. Many of us like grilled food right? But it gets monotonous when we have to eat repeated dishes. Isn’t it? But there are some foods that you did not know you could grill. Yesss!!! Now you have something to experiment guys.
Check out these foods which you did not imagine you could grill:
1. Watermelon
You must be shocked, right? But yes, it’s watermelon. Please your taste buds with grilled watermelon and enjoy its somber taste. You just need to slice the watermelon into big sizes and then add minced onion, salt and pepper. Then grill them for about 5 minutes per side until it begins to dry out. Trust me! It tastes awesome.
2. Lettuce
When greens are grilled, it produces a smoky flavor that is taste too good. Likewise, you can grill lettuce and enjoy in your salad. You need to brush cut sides of lettuce with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Grill it for 1- 2 minutes on medium high heat. Garnish it with vinegar and graded cheese. Yumm!
3. Cheese
If you like to eat soft and chewy cheese then this would be perfect for you. You don’t need any bread, just grilling the cheese alone would give a luscious taste. Also if you don’t want a messy melting cheese then try to cut thick pieces of cheese and grill over medium heat.
4. Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes are my favorite. To make it tastier than before, try this technique to grill them. You just need to coat all the potatoes with butter place it over grill. Now cook it for around 40 minutes to 1 hour on medium high heat until the skin gets brown in color. After that remove the skin and sprinkle brown sugar to get the best taste.
5. Avocados
Just grill the avocado halves, and then take out the flesh into guacamole to make it extra smoky. It would taste great. Trust me on this!
6. Cakes
Ever imagined of eating grilled cakes? If no, then try it. Grilling cake would give it a soft and smooth interior and crispy outer. It also gives smoky flavor that would add more to its taste. Grill it over moderate heat after buttering it on both sides. Place it just for 2 minutes and your tasty grilled cake is ready.
7. Banana Boats
Bananas dipped in chocolate morsels when grilled give out the delicious taste. This is one of the best grilled recipes you can try with your friends during late night masti. You will become crazy about the super sweet treat that everyone at your next will love too.
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