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After completing our higher secondary, a teenager is always excited to witness college life. The whole personality of a child develops in a different way when he goes to college. He happens to meet other companions and try to adjust with them. Moreover, he tries to build up and understand his own identity among others. In short college is something that grooms the overall personality of a child.
Apart from that, there are different courses that a student can opt as per his own choice. However, apart from academics there are some extra- curricular activities as well that truly grooms one’s aura. But have you ever heard about colleges that offer courses other than the common ones? And if I say that ‘Tree Climbing’ is one of the courses a college is offering to the students, then your reaction would surely be like- What!!? Yes that a fact. There are some colleges around the world that are offering some weird courses and you will surely be amazed to read them.
Here are those weird courses:
1. Tree climbing
This would surely be your favorite pastime in childhood. Being kids, in our free time we used to go to parks and try to climb trees while playing with friends. But at Cornell University, USA it’s part of the curriculum indeed. This course includes how to get up into the canopy of any tree, to move around, even to climb from one tree to another without touching the ground. LOL! Crazy it is.
2. Watching television
This is something unusual and weird. Why would you learn to watch TV when it is an instant reaction of our body? We watch what we like to watch. But undergrads at Montclair State University take it up as a course where they are taught how to watch television. The aim of teaching it is to asks the students to evaluate the role of television in our lives. Strange but true!
3. Art of Walking
It is indeed in built quality in us but can be made better as we grow up. But Centre College in Danville, Kentucky offers a course to improve the walking styles of students. They make students to walk up to 25 miles of stretch to teach them the art of walking.
4. Getting dressed
Well, it’s somewhere appropriate but not always. In Princeton University, students tend to learn how to get dressed in the morning. In fact they are told- what to wear, when to wear, how and why to wear a particular stuff. Even they are told about their structures and overall bodily shapes. Not bad!
5. Game Of Thrones
Last but not the least is surprisingly, GOT which of course almost everyone’s favorite. I think the fans of GOT definitely would like to move once again to college to opt for this course. University of Virginia is offering the students to explore George R. R. Martin books on which this series is based. Students are required to compare and contrast both the contents created in print and on screen. This is surely going to be the most interesting one.
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