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During office hours, you normally sit on your desk for quite a long time specially when you have a lot of work pressure. You mind as well as body both get exhausted during the working hours. Sometimes you feel tight hip, creaky shoulders and fatigue muscles of back area. This is the best time when you need to do Yoga i.e. when you feel excessive pressure physically as well as mentally. Although, it’s not feasible for anyone to leave office in between for some bodily work out yet there is an option that would solve your problem.
So, if you cannot go out for work out during office hours you may sit back and try some beneficial Yoga that relaxes your body to some extent. These Yoga postures will reduce discomfort, relieves stress and revive your attention towards your work. Here are 6 Yoga poses that you can carry out at your work desk:
1. Seated Tadasana
Raise both your hands up, straighten your shoulders and elbows and try to stretch your fingers as much as you can. Also draw your thumb towards the back of your head. Keep your back absolutely straight. Try to stay like this for few seconds and breathe for 3-5 slow counts.
2. Wrist and finger stretch
Pull your fingers of one hand with the palm of another hand towards the back of your wrist until you feel a slight stretch. Do it for few seconds, say count 7-10 and then switch to another hand. This would help your fingers feel little comfortable which get stressed while regular typing.
3. Shoulder stretch
This would relieve your fatigue shoulders. Just stand with your feet apart from each other. Keep your hand stretched onto a hard surface and just maintain a right angle of the body. Keep stretching your torso portion until you feel a stretch on your chest, shoulders and upper back portion. Don’t worry if your legs are bending a little. Take long 3-5 breathes and then come back to normal.
4. Dance Pose
Stand straight and fold your right knee backward. Hold the ankle part of the folded leg with your right hand and stretch a little. You need to stand straight and try to place your right knee just parallel to left knee. Repeat it with left leg after doing it for few breathes. This will relieve tension in your legs.
5. Seated backbend
This is quite simple pose that would relieve your tension in back area. Seated at your chair, keep both your hands on your chair, little behind your hips. Push your body backward and reach your shoulders little backward and downward. Chest has to lift slightly up and forward. Look up and do it for few breathe.
6. Namaste
In addition to all these Yoga postures, always make a habit to do ‘Namsate’. You will do it by bringing your folded hands at the centre towards your heart. Now close your eyes and breathe gently for 5-10 times. This would rejuvenate your mind, body and soul completely.
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