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People living in the metro cities tend to opt for a place for living which comes under their budget. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, etc. are so expensive that sometimes half of a salary goes in rent and half goes in other expenses which means you left with no money at the end of the month. That’s why people who shift to metro cities prefer low rent houses. But the main problem arises when they get a very tiny place to live in. obviously the budget allows a small place and they have to adjust in that very area.
But the important thing is how to use that area and make it more spacious. Yes, of course you make it look bigger and spacious by organizing things cleverly so that you get a place where you have lot of negative space. This would be possible if you would maintain it by following some clever hacks. Even if it’s you own that house, try these tips to make your tiny space a bigger one where you can relax in your free time.
Here are some clever storage hacks that would solve for messy problems of tiny house
1. The book storage
If work place at home would be arranged in a systematic manner then you won’t find any problem in finding things. Look at this study table where a wall shelf is arranged in such a manner that all the important things are sequenced perfectly so that the user won’t find any problem in collected things from other areas.
2. Storage bed
Try to buy or make a bed prepared by a carpenter with lot of storage towards the bottom. Not only at the front, but the storage can be made on both the sides under the bed. You may also assemble some drawers under it to get your work easier.
3. Living area storage
Look at this living area with lot of storage. It not only contains cupboards but also have floor drawers and boxes that would let us store the winter blankets and quilts easily.
4. Stair case storage
If you are constructing a house then make sure you build storage in under stair case to keep some small things. It’s always less- used things which create problems and make the whole area look messy.
5. Furniture
If you are planning to buy furniture for your house or a rented house then you must buy it cleverly. Have a look at this lovely table chair set that won’t occupy too much space. The chairs can be placed easily inside the table that let you have more free space all around.
6. Small kid room
This small up stair bed is classy as well as well managed. It is a small packet where you get everything. The small area under the bed itself is a study room for the kid with all the necessary things arranged in perfect way. So it’s a cute bedroom cum study room for kids or teenagers.
7. Spacious round sofa
This is amazing and lovely in appearance. The guest would definitely like its look but what is has is too great to see. It can be opened to a big spacious box where you can keep some of your personal stuffs. Shoes, sandals, makeup, clothes books, etc. all can be arranged inside this beautiful sofa.
8. Round storage table
Check out this storage table with divided shelves below where you can store things in general. To make it beautiful and clean, you may cover it with any cloth matching with your room color.
9. Folding bed with storage
Wow! This one is amazing. Here is a folding bed that has lot of space at the bottom. You can say that a fully fledged cabinet is there under it where you can keep your clothes as well as shoes and other important things.
So guys, keep these clever tips in mind before you arrange your new house.
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