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“Ram Chandra kehgaye Siya se, aisa Kalyug aayga,
Simple si baat ko scribble writer dard bhara nagma banayga”
If you scroll your Facebook feed nowadays, you will find tons of pages being created with the purpose of selling “DARD”. So much Dard that it can put Guru Dutt’s Pyaasa to shame.
Okay, I consider myself the flag bearer of creative liberty and ideas, and writing is definitely one of the most imaginative things one can do. So, I am certainly not bashing the ideas of ‘Scribble writers’ (as they are popularly known as) but sometimes they just go so overboard that the statements look nothing but surreal. So, we have imagined how simple and regular conversational lines would be like in the world of scribble writing :-
1). FEVER *cough cough* of exaggeration.
2). And, Bang! Ghalib: 0 l Scribble Writer: 1
3). BHAARI ENGLISH ALERT, Someone call Shashee Tharoor already.
4). I’d have been swooning over this quote by now if I was a literature freak.
5). Wait? What? Is this some sort of a tongue twister?
So, this was our take on the “Over Simplified” (read between the lines of sarcasm) thoughts of scribble writers.
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