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Being a mother is a hectic job, you get no leaves and work day in and day out. Right from the smallest of issues like finding a tiny-miny pair of socks to the monstrous hassles like hiding bad grades from father, we have always and always been dependent on our mothers.
It is the same way a god damn city is dependent on a Superhero, And hands down, our mothers are the most ideal and competent Superhero we’ve got. So, let us look at some character traits that make our mothers an absolute Superhero.
1). Extraordinary abilities
Imagine this, sleeping late at night, waking up early, swiftly shifting from one work chore to the other to finally conclude a happy day for everyone. And yeah, the signs of tiredness or exhaustion on her face will always be equal to the discovery of Aryabhatta, Exactly!
2). High intensity to suffer pain
A Super-Hero’s stature goes in vain if he/she is not capable of suffering immense pain, because as they say pain is the stepping stone to be a winner. Take any Superhero, for that matter, Iron-Man, Hulk, Batman or even Shaktimaan, everyone had the capability to suffer pain when the villains thrashed them. Had they have not suffered pain, there name would not have been on our lips, right? This takes us to the scenario wherein a mother gives birth to a child and suffers the pain that is as brutal as breakage of 230 bones at once. YEAH, LET THAT SINK IN!
3). Highly motivational
Just like a regular Super-Hero tries to motivate people in some or the other way (Yeah, you can count the post credit scenes of Shaktimaan here), mothers also leave no stone unturned when it comes to igniting a spark within you to become a go-getter.
4). Fighting Spirit
A Super-Hero knows no boundaries when it comes to fight for his/her people, in the same way, mothers can literally thrash anyone if someone tries to belittle or insult or cause harm to their child. For an example, you can revisit the days when you broke window panes of society’s grumpy uncle while playing cricket and your mother came to your rescue. Yea, it is another thing that after reaching home your mother might have whipped you inside out but “Society me Ijjat to bach gayi na, bro”.
5). Extremely affectionate and caring
A Super-Hero needs to be affectionate and every superhero is, Yes, even Batman was soft and affectionate at some corner, that is why he cried his heart out after losing the love of her life, that is why he keeps on fighting for Gotham’s people even after so much criticism. And, if we talk about our mother’s love and affection for us, ahem…you know what? Let us not talk about it for it is so deep that we might get drowned :)
To rest my case, I’d like to wish a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to each and every beautiful mother out there.
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