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Every year on Mother’s Day, we wish our mothers lot of happiness and thank them for what they have done for us till date. They are the true essence of our life without which our life is colorless. We seriously owe our life to them. But amid all this, have you ever probe into the fact that a special person often gets overlooked on this very special day?
Just give it thought!
Think again!
It’s Mom in law, indeed. She is the special one whom we always tend to forget on Mother’s day. Again she is the one who gives her dearest son (‘Jigar ka tukda’) to an unknown girl and manages everything wisely and affectionately at home. Those who are married or hooked up must acknowledge these unsung heroes of their life who have not only accepted us as their children but also given immense respect and love equal to their own biological children.
So, here I express my feelings to a woman who has pampered and loved me more than my own mother.
This one’s for you Maa!
1. You are loved for making me believe that ‘mother- in- law’ is mere a legal term. For me, it’s ‘Mama in the now’.
2. You are loved for waking me up in the morning with hugs and kisses. Though I am far, I still miss your cute morning and evening affection.
3. You are loved for making me believe that for you, I am no less than your own daughter.
4. You are loved for understanding my dreams and encouraging me to grow in life.
5. You are loved for scolding me so that one day I would become perfect and flawless like you.
6. You are loved for remembering to make my favorite dish even after preparing the meal.
7. You are loved for teaching me the little things that would help me in my future prospects.
8. You are loved for doing all the things I wouldn’t know needed to be done. (I am still wondering what they are).
9. You are loved for making the nicest tiffin and enduring all my tantrums while putting bites in my mouth.
10. You are loved for caring about my health and giving me medicines on time.
11. You are loved for saving me from your son’s scolding and making me understand his point afterwards.
12. You are loved for never stopping me to go anywhere I want; be it a movie or friends hang out.
13. You are loved for maintaining a great relationship with my mom and dad and considering them as your own family.
14. You are loved for letting me know what suits me when I try a new dress. A true friend to me!
15. You are loved for letting me know how it feels being pampered. (I never felt it before I met you and dad)
I know I am full of faults and imperfections but the way you have accepted me as your own child is worth acknowledging. Today, from the bottom of my heart, I admire the pure soul that resides in you which has outreached perfection in every way.
Last but not the least; I apologize for all the troubles that I have ever given to you without even realizing for a minute that you might have felt hurt. Though I do not express my love for you very often, but this mother’s day has given me the chance to bring out my feelings for you for all those precious years we spent together. I pray that every daughter gets a ‘mom-in- now’ like you.
You were, you are and you will always be loved till my last breath.
Happy Mother's Day! :)
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