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Ekta Kapoor is a name that is associated with the bloom of Indian soap operas. She was the one who was responsible for the inception of high octane Saas-Bahu dramas with an over the top set of sound mix and editing. (Yes, all the dhum tana tana)
Nowadays, she is making content on the internet as well, her latest web series "Gandi Baat" that is an anthology of lustful stories has taken the internet by storm.
Ekta is known to be very possessive about her work, which is why, she gets irked very easily when someone questions her work.
In an interesting set of event, famous youtuber Pewdiepie who enjoys the status of being the most celebrated youtuber around the globe with his channel being subscribed by as many as 62 million people, took a dig at Ekta's popular shows "Kasam se" and "Kahaani Ghar Ki". He roasted the show inside out and was found quoting:
"I think the makers must have trapped the editor in a room and told him, here is 2 dollars and 500gram cocaine, edit this the coolest way possible."
As soon as the news got to Ekta's ears, she took no time in bashing the youtuber on micro-blogging site Twitter.
Although, the tweet did not go well with many of Pewdiepie's Indian fans and they instantly started bashing her shows mercilessly.
Pewdiepie has not reverted back to the tweet, as of now, let us wait and see what he will say or rather do ;).
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