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To be a vegetarian in India is not a cake walk. Especially, when you are working and have a social circle around you. People get a chance to tease you and sometimes you feel like an alien among them. The worst part is that vegetarians always come under a minority. Above all, the height of irritation level reaches at its peak when non- vegans asks moronic questions that makes you feel like being vegan was your biggest mistake.
Huh! For these very reasons a vegetarian is always isolated and gloomy. I, being a vegetarian, always become a roasted victim and here’s my sad story that reveals the distress of every vegetarian around the world.
So, it goes like this……
1. When someone orders cake
Me: "Isme anda to ni h na"
I always stop myself before eating a cake, thinking aloud in my mind the above question. It gets toughest when it’s your birthday cake. :(
2. A new hiring in office
Me: "Are yaar fir ek non- veg bnda aa gya"
It’s me who always sneak peak to find out who’s new in the office just to see if he/she is a vegan. But I am always unfortunate. :(
3. When everyone orders food
Me: "Mere liye to soya or paneer hi"
What else can I say. :(
4. When a vegan see a non vegan eating chicken
Me: "Chii!! Ye sab kaise kha lete ho yaar"
The sound and the scene, both irritate me! :(
5. When a person who is eating non- vegan asks to pass a spoon
Me: "Na na.. Main hath ni lgata bhai, khud lelo"
How can I touch that chicken curry spoon with my veggie hand yaar??!! :(
6. When vegan asks- “kya kya order kiya h”
Everyone: "Hahahaha!!! LOL!!! Yelo paneer"
:( :( :(
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