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So, after an extensive build up with cryptic posts like these:
RACE 3’s trailer dropped in and honestly telling, I have not felt much more puckish ever before (Yes, Bhai fans, I am ready to face your wrath with my shield of LOGIC).
When Saif Ali Khan was replaced in the Race franchise, I was shattered, because he is a good actor (who chooses bad scripts) and he has that in-built suave and gallant aura that is needed to pull a film like Race. Whereas, Salman Khan seems to force it out and failing miserably, just for instance, this scene:
Holy mother of God!
Ok, first thing, he is playing a multimillionaire in the film, which multimillionaire talks like that? Like who? You ought to carry yourself in a very sophisticated manner but here all I can see is a desperate attempt to ooze corny one liner and set the cash register ringing.
All the Ambani(s) and Birla(s) must be crying in the corner right now, seeing such hideous portrayal of millionaires.
So, the trailer kicks off with the messiah SALMAN KHAN standing on the edge of the rooftop of a skyscraper, uttering a “ MINDBLOWING” (literally) dialogue that goes like:
BHAI FANS, after hearing this:
Oh, btw, as the dialogue goes on, we also see glimpse of all the “MAAL” that is spent on making this Sasti Fast and Furious.
Cut to the next scene and we see Bhai turning into a mean machine and going on a killing spree. He kicks, rolls, shoots (which, btw is his specialty) and grinds the shit out of people.
Just when you start thinking that Bhai is getting too aggressive, he will throw out a subtle line about importance of family to win you over:
Sooraj Barjatya be like:
Oh, btw, we have Anil Kapoor as well, who finally sheds off his cop role that he had been playing in the franchise, he enters the frame with the most inestimable advice for you:
Look, he looked the best among the lot with his killing attitude and that charismatic “salt and pepper” look but then the curse of corny and feeble dialogues strikes to make his mighty appearance go in vain.
The same goes for the scintillating Jaccky, who looks uber hot until this happens:
Then enter, some cars:
And some more cars:
Then arrives, an expressionless entity who gives us a brand new tongue twister:
Time to blow some cars:
And then arrives, Faijal Khan ki biwi ka bhai:
Oh, btw, there is Bobby Deol as well, who has made a sculpted physique for this trash..err…film:
Well, I know I have thrashed the trailer real bad but that will surely not make any difference in the havoc that the film will create at the box office because “Bhai Ka Jalwa, bro”.
And, this is sad, today, we are making exceptionally well films like Mukkabaaz, October or Raazi but letting the mediocre works like Race 3 to earn huge. This is a sheer failure of all of us as an audience.
Leaving you with this mind numbing still from the trailer:
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