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Cricket is a sport that brings everyone together in India. It is a game that makes us go through a series of emotions. Cricket touches the string of every Indian’s heart. But it’s not just the game now. We enjoy seeing our favourite cricketer on TV commercials, fashion shows, brand endorsements and on social media. In today’s world we are connected to our favourite players through a lot of social media platforms, so they are not just players now they are influencers. They are now the biggest brand influencers. So even if they are working or not, no matter they are on an ad shoot or not, they ensure they look their best at all times because a lot of eyes are on them.
Here is a list of cricketers who are well aware of the style statements and are nailing every fashion trend.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Not just his game but his style also conveys a lot of things to his fans. Time and again Mahi has made us fall in love with him and his style. Mahi’s hairstyle in the early 2000 was named as the ‘Fashionable Crown’. Comfort is his mantra and his casual avatar makes him the ‘hallmark’ of fashion for his fans across the world.
Virat Kohli
We all know about Kohli’s magic on the cricket field but when it comes to the style game, there is no one who can match up or meet his level. From three piece suits to simple tees, from shirts to traditional looks, Kohli knows how to flaunt everything.
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh is the man with style and attitude. The 36 year old sports icon from Chandigarh has been touted to be the most stylish men to grace many Bollywood occasions and fashion shows. Who doesn’t remember Yuvraj flaunting his Jodhpuri Jacket on the red carpet in style that was the proof that this man can look good in anything he wears.
Shikhar Dhawan
This raw and charming cricketer makes people drool. Dhawan has bought a change in the fashion game among the youngsters who follow him dedicatedly. He is the face of many young leading brands and a fashion icon for many people.
Hardik Pandya
All-rounder Hardik Pandya is another name that is on the lips of every fashionista. Recently Pandya shared a picture on twitter from his photoshoot for an international magazine which received over 16,000 likes. People are crazy about Hardik’s hot style and looks.
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