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Normally, in case we have to go out for dinner, we completely mess up our entire wardrobe to find something different to wear. We make sure that we look great every special dinner date with family or friends. Sometimes, we specially buy something new to go for dinners. That’s how the human nature is. But have you ever imagined going to a restaurant where you are not at all allowed to wear a single garment on the body? You have certainly not!
Today I am going to tell you about certain restaurants around the world where you can’t dine with your clothes on. Yes! You have to take off your clothes before entering these dinner places. Now you don’t need to be worried about staining your new clothes. LOL!
Take a look at some of these weird restaurants.
1. O’ Naturel, Paris
Paris opened its first naked restaurant in 2016 and is doing really well till date. Before entering this place you are asked to take off your clothes otherwise you won’t be allowed to sit. There is a wardrobe where you have to keep your clothes as long as you are having dinner. Once you are done, you may wear them again while going back.
2. Tenerife, Spain
In 2017, Spain started its first nude restaurant named Innato Tenerife. The owners of the place call it "orgasmic atmosphere." This is more of an erotic place than a normal one. The food is served quite differently that you have never seen before. It’s like a buffet which is placed on the nude bodies of male and female models. A special dish “Happy Ending” is served which is the erotic among all. The diners dip off their strawberries on the model’s chocolate spilled body and enjoy to the core.
3. The Amrita, Tokyo
If you are brave and bold enough then this is the perfect place for you. The staff asks the guests to remove their clothes before entering the restaurant and also provide paper underwear to wear on. The place has also a facility of dance show featuring sexy male models. It only allows guests who are below the age of 60 and are underweight. The oversized guests are not allowed to have dinner over here.
4. The Bunyadi, London
This restaurant is famous for those who love eating while being naked. The owners say that the restaurant offers guests the chance "to experience true liberation". Also, you cannot take pictures inside the restaurant and any electronic gadget is strictly prohibited at the place. Those who need robes to cover their body can get them on demand but just to roam around. You have changing rooms where you can remove the gowns and have dinner with completely bare body.
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