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Summers are here and we all are stuck with a closet full of clothes but still nothing to wear. Summers demand comfort and style demands no compromises. If you are in the same dilemma as I am every morning – what do I wear today? then you have landed at the right place my friend. Here are 8 street style looks that you can carry everyday without compromising on style or comfort.
What goes around comes around and this stands true when we are talking about fashion. Wide leg jeans are back in style and this makes me so happy.
Buy an over-sized or long shirt and wear it as a dress.
Summers and colours is a good combination. Buy some colourful skirts like these and pair them up with a simple tee or a shirt or a bralet. You have so many choices.
Florals will take you a long way this summer.
Whether its a dress, shirt, skirt or a shrug. You need to know florals are in.
Stripped trousers with a basic tee and white sneakers, a combination you can take anywhere.
You must have seen a lot of fashion bloggers wearing this. Trust me you should have this in your closet. Pair it up with a bralet and some jewelry.
Everyone has a ripped jeans in their closet. You also have one. It's time you take them out and own those streets with some chic sunglasses because sunglasses are meant for summers. If you don't wear them now you are wasting them.
If you already don't own a see through top then run and get it now. A good bralet, a choker, high waist jeans - there it is a perfect look for everyday.
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