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Punjabis are always fun loving and has something bindaas in them which you won’t find in anyone else. Though they are loud enough, they have a big- heart that has immense love for all. The phrase ‘khule dil de’ perfectly suits them. Be it helping some stranger or meeting with their loved ones, they are equal to all. For instance, if someone would ask the way to go somewhere, Punjabis will drop their work at once and go along with that person to make him reach safely there. This is the specialty of a Punjabi.
They are so open- hearted that they would fill your empty stomach first and won’t care about themselves.
Well, being a Punjabi, here I have some funny things to show through illustrations that how Punjabis are different from others and how they always make us feel lively. You will definitely say ‘Punjabiyan di shaan vakhri’ after having a look at these cute illustrations.
1. Way of greeting
Others- “Hi, Whats up!”
Punjabis- “Aao g, Ji aayaan nu”, “Pappiyan japhiyan pa lo ji!”
2. Food
Others- “Chlo yaar momos khane chlte h. Yeah dude, let’s have pizza too!”
Punjabis- “Ajj tan chicken fadna hai”, “lassi lussi de oye malai maar k!”
3. Music
Others- “You’ve got me like crazy. That you call to me, Bom diggy diggy bom bom…!”
Punjabis- “Nana nana na re na re na re… Brruaaaaaaa!! Blle blle!”
4. Language
Others- Bullet, America, Noida, Canada
P unjabi- Bullt, Amreeca, Nyoda, kanedda
5. In case they don’t get what others just said
Others- “Sorry?”, “Pardon me sir”, “Excuse me”, “Kya kha apne?”
Punjabis- “kiiiii???”, “Hainnnn???”, “O ki keha?”
6. To show concern
Others- “It’s ok yaar”, “Don’t worry dear”, “Everything will be alright!”
Punjabis- “O gall hi koi ni”, “Koi na- koi na”, “O mitti pao paji!”
7. Drinks
Others- “Let’s have some drinks guys!”
Punjabis- “Oh Patiala peg bna oye”
8. When abusive
Others- “O shut up”, “Stupid”, “Idiot”, “F**k you!”
Punjabis- “O kuteya, kanjra, saaleya, teri maa nu………”
Believe me! If you find any Punjabi, you would surely love him as a person. At times, he would give you a laughter ride and the other day he would solve your problem with his ‘pkke jugaad’. So guys!
‘Saade Naal Rhoge Tan Aish Kroge’
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