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Bollywood has crossed its lines and broke all the records of coming out with the most illogical, funny and irritating songs with both old and new movies. Sometimes, you just like the music of the song initially but as you move on to the lyrics, it takes the shit out of you. Well, I don’t think the lyricists have much burden these days. They just have to come, have tea, go to the toilet and suddenly create lyrics out of routine actions which goes like- Uche se ucha bnda, poty pe bethe nanga. Now tell me, is this creative? And then they earn too much money. Wow!
That’s craziest! Instead of telling a good story through the lyrics, they put 4-5 songs no matter it goes with the movie or not. Their job is done!
So here is the random flutter of the list with some stupid songs’ lyrics from our dear Bollywood movies.
I think he is in love with electronic Robot. Crazy dude!
It seems like he is advertising the ‘Chumma Chavanprash’ product. But I would suggest ‘Dabur’ is the best choice. LOL!
The perfect offer- Buy a pack of Condom with a free perfume! :p
Better! But if it won’t stick then you may use Fevi Quick. The photo would never come out then. LOL!
I don’t understand, who does poty with his/her pants on? What’s its relevance to the song yaar!
Tell me something; were you not happy as Human being?
Bum Dhole? Just out of nowhere! And are we teaching sounds to the nursery kids? Phak Phak engine bol rha hai!!!!
This is something hilarious! Guys, this lady is of Gold. And we are made of some cheap metal. Hey wait, she didn’t mention in the song how much she costs. LOL!
The perfect description of what happens after marriage. LOL!
And one from the old one-
I think water helps to control fire. But they say ‘Pani ne aag lgai’. May be Bollywood’s chemical formula of water is different no?!!
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